* Remove Both Saddle Bags

* Remove Both Lids From Saddle Bags

* Remove all 4 Rubber Grommets From Saddlebags (Ones that hold the bag to the Bike 2 Per Bag)

* Starting with the Bags, Glue the Saddlebag and the Liner  with 3m Super 90 spray adhisive

* Wait till they tack up (Almost dry but with some stick still)

* Start at the top section of the saddle bag attach the first 2" of the liner All the way around to hold into place

* Using the Opening at the Bottom Reach down and pull towards the corners and down Press against the bag

* (depending on the bag you have stock or stretch will determine the amount you will cut off at the bottom)

* Leave at least 3/4" to 1/2" of Material at the bottom floor

* Once you have completed both Bags to this point, now is time for the  carpet section

* Carpet is the last for the the bags for the install, start at the shock bump and go outwards 

* (Depending on the bag you might have to cut off some, we send them larger to trim per bag) Stock, CVO and Traditional stretch come to size, Down and outs might need a little trimming

* Glue the Carpet Section in after making the proper adjustments

* Reinstall the Rubber Grommets only cut the hole the size of the hole in the bag

* Push the grommet from the back side and using a flat head screw driver slowly and carefully tuck the liner under the  grommet

*Congrats the Saddle Bags are Now Done

* Now on to the Lids

* Remove the Gasket for easier install (Use a razor blade slowly slide between the lid itself and gasket, go around the lid be carful not to cut the gasket (Local harley dealerships sell the gaskets for around 15$ each if you happen to rip it or cut it) if you saved it, you can use super glue to reattach it once the liner is in

* Either Remove the Gasket and purchase New ( 15-19 per gasket at a dealership depending on area)

* or leave gasket on and glue lid up to gasket and leave 1/4" extra material

* Again Glue the Liner and the Lid wait till they tack up

* Start at the Tether Mounts glue the Lid to the top Section

* Now that the diamond section is attached, the remaining flat trim will glue to the side walls up to the gasket area.

* glue the flat material past where the gasket would sit,  then trim the material so that the gasket once attached will cover the raw edge you just trimmed.

* install the gasket you removed with Superglue all the way around the lid, or if you purchased a new set of gaskets install them by using the 3m tape attached to the gasket and trim to fit (they come a little long from harley)

* Now the Lids are Complete

Now re install the Lids to the Bags and install Bag onto the Bike and enjoy your new  Liners

Thanks for purchasing the Best Liners In the Business.. Liners  

​​Custom Saddlebag Liners